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Player Development
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NSCAA Director of Coaching Education Jeff Tipping presents a variety of creative activities to help players improve their attacking and defending skills. These activities will improve individual skills and team awareness for developing players and experienced players.
Training Includes:
Support and Changing
The Point Of Attack Early Support 4v2 Changing
The Point Of Attack Change Pass Into Space 5v5
With Four Goals Passing Activities
Inside The Box Passing Training Activities For Passing and Receiving 2v1
Attacking 2v2 To 2v1 3v2 To 2v1
Combining Concepts Individual and Group Defending Closing Skills 1v1 Defending 2v1 Defending

The program features include a team in practice and incorporates the use of Tactfoot diagramming software. This combination provides the coaches and players with clear and vivid learning tools. 83 min.