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Principles of defending
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In today's game, the vast majority of the world's top teams defend zonally. Therefore, understanding the defending principles of Pressure - Cover - Balance is critical for young players. This DVD will show you how to teach the principles of defending to your team. Beginning with teaching the importance of 1v1 defending, the practices will progress to working with a back line, adding midfielders, and then all the way up to 11v11. Shot entirely with youth soccer players highlighting real examples of defensive situations, this DVD offers coaching moments and defensive solutions based on modern defending principles. This DVD includes exercises and drills that cover;

  • 1V1
  • 1V2
  • 2V2
  • 4V4
  • Half field Practices
  • Man to Man Defending
  • Zonal Defending
  • Defending as a Team

Many of the exercises, drills and coaching points in this DVD have been taken from examples of defending practices that have appeared in the WORLD CLASS COACHING magazine over the last 10 years.

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