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Wiel Coerver 1: Ball Control, Suppleness, Fast Footwork, Fei
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From Holland With Wiel Coerver.
The skills and techniques in this series are clearly demonstrated by Wiel Coerver and his young players. Slow motion is used to break down the skills and emphasize the key teaching points, while exciting game highlights show the skills used by such great players as Johan Cruyff, Ruud Gullit, Michel Platini and Marco van Barsten.
Coerver, the consummate motivator, gives a sense of real accomplishment to his training and has an extraordinary ability to make practice more enjoyable. This is the original Coerver program and is the core of this most effective skills development method.
The Coerver Method concentrates on the ball touches, developing confidence and on the ball skills.
DVD 1: 7 exercises emphasizing becoming one with the ball, using both feet, turning and shielding the ball and pivoting 6 more ball control drills to develop suppleness 8 drills for ball feeling and pivoting Learn 9 great moves to wrong foot your defender